First Watch

Review by Dana

1568 Bella Cruz Drive, Lady Lake, FL 32159
6 months ago

I ordered gluten free toast. When I took a bite I felt the effects immediately. When I inspected the toast I noticed it had black specks on it from another piece of toast that obviously wasn't from mine because it was barely cooked. When I told her she was like "well what do you want me to do about it?" I said tell your manager it's unsafe to cook gf toast in the same toaster as regular bread. She said "ok." When she came back she told me she told the manager about what happened and that I should have told her I had an allergy because some people order gf bread "just because." She didn't even offer to take it off my bill not 6o mention the food took 1 hour to come out!!! This was the worst experience i've ever had since I've been gf for 7 years.