Review of Fogo de Chao

200 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116

Overall Rating


We had dinner here recently and noted a gluten allergy on the reservation. Our server was aware of this when we sat down and explained that the only chicken legs were off limits from the meat offerings as they are marinated in beer. Everything else, as well as the salad bar, was safe.

Were were given some small bread rolls which are naturally gluten free since they are made with cheese and tapioca. The meal also comes with mashed potatoes, polenta fries and fried plantains. I asked if they used a shared fryer and the manager came over to confirm that they do not fry any gluten items in the fryer.

Food was very good. The lamb options were incredible. Some cuts were a little tough, so start with small tastes and then settle on the best options. Salad bar had a mound of candies bacon which was addictive. I did see what I believe to be croutons near some of the salad options, so keep in mind some things could have some cc. I had no reactions other than being uncomfortably full.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 2 years ago