Fresh to Order

Review by nealio

860 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30308
5 years ago

Their food looks good. The place was packed. Their set-up is somewhat unique. And their staff cares... But eating there made me sick - and this is why: the menu does not necessarily represent the served ingredients, and special requests when "allergy" is mentioned are not really understood. I just can't eat out. I was excited about finding this app, but the sad truth is I can't eat out. It's too risky! This means that me or my wife have to prepare every single meal or snack I consume. That's not so bad. But I can't go out for lunch with colleagues. I can't join friends for dinner (and actually eat). I have to either avoid or eat before family functions and then explain why I'm not eating dinner, or I'll leave before dinner is served. This is the reality.