Review of Fuddruckers

2519 Knob Creek Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604

Overall Rating


All three of these stars are for the super friendly staff. If you are celiac DO NOT try this restaurant. While the staff was really nice, they know less than nothing about gluten much so that the girl who took my order insisted they didn’t have a gluten free bun. Someone else had to come from the back to show her how to designate on the register. When my order was ready, it was missing the cheese. The cook admitted he had it out but had forgotten to put it on the burger (I get it. Things happen). As he passed it back out, he had a thought and asked if I’d like the cheese melted. I didn’t realize how this would turn out so I said yes. He then put the burger back on the grill which resulted in an overcooked burger and barely warm cheese. Again, everyone was wonderful, but at this price, I expect a better than average burger. My less than awesome burger combined with cold fries served up by a kind but clearly “not ready for gluten free” staff was not worth the price tag.

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