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727 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860

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Hubby heard so many good things from others that he felt comfortable giving this place another shot... mostly due to social/peer pressure. Indeed, he did not get it was okay. Maybe they take better care here with avoiding cross-contamination than they do at their bakery next door, where it would obviously be harder to manage...? He had the tamales, figuring they were cooked in their own little husks and thus the safest possible option there.

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We are very, very suspicious of this place not having any truly GF, celiac-safe options, since they own Wildflour, which had lied about it. (see other review). And the one time that we inquired about procedures, they definitely were not reassuring, either. So we have not eaten here since learning about Wildflour, and won't again :(

Celiac friendly?


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Not celiac