Review by gffoodie

2200 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
4 years ago


Celiac friendly?



I have been here many times and really love their food - but I learned last night that you HAVE to tell your server you are Celiac if you truly want a gf meal. While items on their menu are labeled GF -- i ordered one last night only to discover it covered in oats. I had already taken a bite when I realized I might be in trouble. I asked my server if she could confirm the oats were GF and she said "Oh, are you Celiac? You didn't tell me that." In full disclosure when I ordered I asked her recommendations and she asked if I had any food limitations and I told I was GF. Hmmm... I know lots of people are gf for reasons other than celiac- but should it matter? If an item is labeled gf and their isn't a note on the menu suggesting that not all gf labeling is the same ... then the eater should assume it is gf, right? Anyway they were pretty nice about their mistake and i will eat there again -- but it was a very good learning lesson! Despite the apparent sensitivity of the menu labels you really do need to spell it out to your server.