Review by celiacmama

2200 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
1 year ago


Celiac friendly?



I would say maybe an adult w celiac could be ok, but my child w celiac ended up with no meal. I messaged them 2 days early about food options and they never got back to me. Upon arriving they told us that while usually they have a dedicated fryer for French fries, a "mistake" had happened and flour battered food had been used in the fryer. OK...But They did not offer to make him some potatoes in another pan or any other options, just "sorry" . They had no GF bun option for the hamburger (which was priced at over $20 which would have included no bun and no fries, just a patty on the plate). Part of being celiac friendly is working w the customer and offering options and work-around. They were completely inflexible. I really think the waiter was clearly burned out from people with food restrictions and simply didn't care... For such an expensive restaurant I was surprised (esp one that markets themselves as having lots of gf options) After paying a hundred dollars for a family meal, I then had to go home and cook for my kid...Won't be going back.