Gennaro's Trattoria

Review by Katherine

10018 Startz Road, Canyon Lake, TX 78133
7 months ago

Nice environment, nice wait staff, gf knowledgeable it seemed like. My celiac daughter ordered the gf pasta with meat sauce. We did get bread at the table but we kept it separate from her. She had been fun and busy and happy all day, as soon as we were leaving she started getting tummy cramps. By the time we were in the car her face was flushed red and her tummy still hurt. I called the restaurant to ask my questions and make sure they cooked it in its own water. The manager came to the phone and apologized, he said the waiter should’ve alerted the kitchen and then a manager to come talk to us at the table. He was not alerted and didn’t come to the table but did seem to tell the kitchen as it was announced to be gf when it came to the table. He did tell us to ask for a manager next time we come in but we aren’t sure it’s worth the risk. I really appreciate his explanation so the manager hisself gets 4.5 stars. The restaurant gets 3 for over all training.