Gluten Free Grocery

Review by ghosty

234 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107
6 years ago

This place has a great selection of packaged and local treats. The prices are high but the owners care about ethical distributors and aren't going thru the same bulk suppliers as whole foods & the like. Plus they know everything about the products they sell and I've been able to sample goodies before I bought them. Their new location has a HUGE step to get into the store now, which makes it less accessible. I use a wheelchair a lot of the time, so that big step is just a big bummer. Also because the selection is so huge in such a small space, I worry about knocking stuff over (especially if I wing it and walk around, as I can be unsteady). For ablebodied celiacs, this place is heaven. But I have to take off a star for the loss of accessibility. Their old location was all one level, easy entranceway, and manageable parking.