Good Dog

Review by Heather

34 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405
Not celiac
4 months ago
Celiac friendly

Wow! They made me feel so comfortable eating here! When I ordered and had questions, the cashier presented the list of what I couldn't have and it was a small list. She then told me they'd take care of me and introduced me to the manager to see if I had questions. He explained he was making my order and that the owner has celiac and they are aware of cross contamination so he'd be using different spoons and such for my order and they have dedicated fryers. The cashier even came to the table I was walking to and cleaned it again to be sure there were no crumbs left behind. The meal was so good I forgot to take a picture! The manager let me know the buns are Udi brand. I always wait 24 hours before reviewing and I have not had a reaction!!