Review of Grand Traverse Pie Company

316 East Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI 49770

Overall Rating


Based on the other reviews we were determined to try this place. And determined you must be. The order taker at the counter was very unfriendly and emphatically stated that they were not a gluten free facility. Very much a dine at your own risk type of attitude. She couldn't even force a smile or a friendly tone of voice for us. One of our three diners was not gluten free and ordered a combo with a slice of pie. She couldn't be bothered to tell us that she or someone would give the pie to us right there so after placing our order and taking our seats the slice of pie was deposited on the counter unknown to us while we waited for our name to be called to the pick up counter. Luckily I decided to buy one of their gluten free pies (they only make them small sized that I could tell) so I stood in line again with it where I was informed that the stray piece of pie on the counter may be for our party. She gave the impression that it was a pain for her to bother herself with having to inform my ignorant self of that. When my name was called and I went to pick up the food I saw them handling the sandwiches with their gloved hands when they slid them onto the plate so I asked if clean gloves were used. All three people handling the sandwich sliding said yes they had changed their gloves and again informed me they were not a gluten free facility and there was a chance for cross contamination. At this point I was pretty demoralized. But based on the good reviews ate the food anyways and did not get sick so was happy with that. Hard to place the front counter person's attitude. Mom and uncle thought it was dining while Indian (Michigan Native American) and I hate to say it but I had to agree with them. Either that or the culture of the place is very much against gluten free but if so then why offer it in the first place?

Updated 4 years ago