807 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

Overall Rating


I’ve eaten here twice so far and did not get sick. I interviewed the regional manager before eating here. You do need to tell your waiter if you have Celiac Disease. Also, I ordered the butternut squash soup and it came with dried cranberries and parsley as garnish. I asked the waiter to make sure that the cranberries were not processed with wheat and he checked and told me that the bag did not say so, I did not eat them. Also, the butternut squash soup tasted like it had sugar in it. I hope not. The steak,mashed potatoes,and Greek salad were delish!I think this place is safe and the food was very good. The regional Manager “Evans” was awesome. I’ll go back, if you have Celiac just ask questions about anything that may concern you. Thank you!

Updated 2 years ago