Review of Green Papaya

475 Winter St #1, Waltham, MA 02451

Overall Rating


They do not have a gluten free menu nor are the dishes marked gluten free on the regular menu. The waiter stated with strong assurance that the satay was gluten free, even the peanut sauce. My celiac husband had the satay, both beef and chicken but choose to stick with Sriracha sauce. He was told the curries, pad Thai and some dishes could be made gluten free. The first 4 or so that he asked about were not ok, including beef macadamia, and a duck dish. The waiter went back and forth to the kitchen several times and he was friendly about it, but it felt very limited in what was available gluten free, given that this is a Thai restaurant.

The dishes we had were tasty, but not spectacular.

Updated 2 years ago