Grub Burger Bar

Review by Jessica

4400 Midland Dr #500, Midland, TX 79707
6 months ago

When I go to a burger place I expect that the burger is gonna be excellent, it was not. Burnt on the outside and really pink on the inside and in general no flavor on the patty. The “add ons” were packed with flavor but a burger needs to be able to stand on its own and not be completely dependent on the condiments. It reminded me a frozen burger patty put on a really hot grill. Quite frankly Wendy’s has a better burger patty. Also, I adore sweet potato fries, they are my absolute favorite-these however were very far below the bar. As far as managements response to my burger ...... they don’t know what happened that’s never happened before and they hope I’ll give them another chance but did NOT offer any enticement to do so. As far as gluten free......I’ll let you know if I get sick