Review of Guaranteed Rate Field

333 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60616

Overall Rating


Getting food here was an incredibly frustrating experience with seats on the upper deck (500 level). Also an ultimate fail.

At the upper deck this was my experience:

1. The gluten free options are not labeled anywhere, so you need to find out where they are another way (but don't use the website. More on that in a minute).

2. There is no dedicated gluten free stand so cross contamination is a concern.

3. The White Sox website listing where to find gluten free items is wrong (multiple errors), so you can stand in a line for 45 minutes only to find out that they DON'T actually have gluten free chocolate chip cookies as stated on the team's website.

4. If you want a hotdog, a cookie and a GF beer that's 3 lines, each about 45 minutes long (again, being handled in the presence of gluten by people who have obviously not been trained on gluten or cross contamination).

I finally got frustrated and gave up - settled for Nachos (which are all gluten free in this park - the one positive I could find). My advice: sneak in a Kind bar or beef jerky or something, this is no place for a Celiac to eat. Especially if you'd like to see a little of the game.

For perspective: I have been to 5 other ball parks this summer and had a very good/excellent gluten free experience at them all. Except here.


The next day we had seats on the main level. Completely different experience. The Gluten free options were labeled and staff was educated about changing gloves and cross contamination. Lines were manageable (5-10 min), and you could get all your gluten free items in one place.

I give the upper deck less than one star, and the lower deck 4 stars. (Only 4 because I still would prefer a dedicated stand over the cross contamination concern).

Updated 3 years ago