Review of Gulden's Restaurant & Bar

2999 North Hwy 61, Maplewood, MN 55109-1019

Overall Rating


Gulden's is very gluten aware! They have a nice selection of gluten free entrees and told me that they are seeking to expand it. We got there during Sunday brunch and they understood immediately why I preferred to order off the menu instead. My companions enjoyed the buffet. My entree came with salad bar and the waitress checked with the kitchen regarding dressing options. The salad bar was set up in a way that reassured croutons and the pasta salad was at the far end, after anything I'd wish to take. They also brought a raspberry vinaigrette dressing from the kitchen since their ranch had gluten and I was concerned about cross contamination in other dressings. The meal was very good and no reaction...thanks!

Updated 5 years ago

Not celiac