Review of Homeslice

938 West Webster Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60614

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Celiac friendly?



Edit: came back here almost three years later. Our waiter knew what celiac was and we had a good rapport about how confusing it can be when people just eat gluten free as part of a trendy diet, so they clearly know what’s up for celiacs. Still was safe and didn’t get sick, but their crust is unfortunately nothing special. The pizza itself was average, solid 2.5 stars, but I always review higher for safe experiences so that’s why I put four. Also, they have lots of appetizers that are good. Eating at Homeslice for the first time was a great experience. They have a celiac-safe gluten free crust, and all of their pizzas can be made gluten free using the small size crust. Their waitstaff was ever so helpful and we talked to the manager before ordering to make sure it was safe. My mom and I ordered to share their Sheffield's salad, a Bennet's Beauty pizza and a Schira Palin pizza. The Bennet's beauty pizza was absolutely delicious, I will definitely be ordering that again when we return. Their sausage was amazing; thinly sliced and spiced, and I would recommend getting that on a pizza if the toppings of the Bennet's Beauty aren't your thing. 10/10 would reccomend, a wonderful dining experience with beautiful outdoor patios as well.

Updated 8 months ago