Review by Linda

1802 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862
3 years ago
Celiac friendly

We are here a week ago and felt bad because our son had to sit here and watch us eat. We explained to the waitress why he wasn't eating & we would have to get him something to eat somewhere else. Next thing we know the manager, Irwin was at our table with a binder with allergy info. He offered to personally ensure the kitchen staff prepared his food safely. Our son had the 2X2X2 and the manager swapped out the 2 pancakes for hash browns. He said they use a clean separate pan for the eggs and they had a dedicated area for meats which all were GF. The omelette ARE NOT safe because IHOP uses pancake batter in the eggs to make the omelette fluffier. Our son had 2 sausage links, scrambled eggs and hash browns. Didn't get sick. 2nd experience was ok...the greeter spoke almost no English and when we asked for a gf or allergy menu she started to give our 17y/o a kids coloring page! waitress was not familiar but did listen. Was a bit nervous but he didn't get sick. Irwin is awesome so we may call ahead to see if he's on duty when we return!