Review of In-N-Out Burger

2770 W Peoria Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

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Celiac friendly?



I’m the pro at In N Out Gluten Free I’ve been going here for years! Some say the fries are bland. Add salt! They barely salt their fries to make it more healthy. Just ask for extra salt packets!!! ANIMAL STYLE FRIES yes please! YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR NO ONIONS AND SPREAD ON THE SIDE NOT ON THE FIRES. They use a spatula to put spread sauce on the buns of the burgers and same spatula for fries and your protein style burger! So say make sure the spread is on the side! They have little packets! The animal style fries are cheese onion and fries. Again they use the same spatula for touching bread with your onions! Also yes the fries are fried in the fryer but the only items on the menu are fries and burgers there are NO ONION RINGS OR CHICKEN NUGETS. So there is no contamination!!!!!! My order is a number one protein style no onion or spread or tomatoes with animal style fries no onion no spread. Then ask for a couple spread packets and you’re good!

Updated 4 months ago