Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Review by Dan

8400 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
4 years ago
Celiac friendly

GF menu and even a GF kids menu--jackpot! My wife and 2 yr old son both have Celiac. It's hard enough finding places that are either kid friendly or Celiac friendly, let alone both, but Iron Hill delivers. They plainly state that their kitchen is shared and cross-contamination IS a risk, but we have been fine so far. The GF menu isn't huge but it offers about 5 options each for appetizers, entrees, burgers, and salads. Desserts are limited to ice cream and creme brulee. The kids GF menu has burgers, shrimp, fish, chicken, (the sandwiches come on GF buns) and a good selection of sides. No GF mac n cheese or nuggets for the picky fast food eaters, but not a bad selection at all. They have a good wine list, two GF beers if you just have to have a beer (although one is Omission which gives some people reactions, so beware) and a full service bar. I found the cocktails to be a bit overpriced/watered down but at least they are inventive and tasty. And their regular non-GF menu and beer selection is quite good, so everyone leaves happy! The ambience is a bit upscale but busy/noisy enough to feel kid friendly. If a kid is whining or fidgeting, the other guests aren't likely to notice or care. Ask about GF menus before being seated, and remind your server about GF needs when ordering so there are no mix ups. We did hit one snag with our server (who was brand new to the job) who didn't notice the cookie on our son's ice cream until she was about to serve it. But she fixed it quickly with the kitchen and eveything else about our experience was awesome. We will return again and again as it's one of the few upscale family-friendly options we have where trying to order GF isn't diffcult or downright harrowing.