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4128 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33813

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Emailed them and got this back:Avocado – It is gluten free.Bacon - It is gluten free.Beef - It is not gluten free.Ham - It is gluten free.Capicola - It is gluten free.Salami - It is gluten free.Turkey - It is gluten free. French bread - It is not gluten free.Wheat bread - It is not gluten free.Tuna – It is not gluten free. Cheese - It is gluten free. (Based on the FDA proposed ruling saying that product with <20ppm gluten can be decaled as gluten free)Mayo - It is gluten free. Cookies - They are not gluten free.Chips – They are gluten free. We have a great gluten free option..our unwich (Lettuce wrap).

Celiac friendly?


Updated 6 years ago

Not celiac