Review of Joy Luck

566 W 1350 S, Woods Cross, UT 84010

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One of my kids has Celiac, another has a soy allergy, and there were options for each of them. I asked if the fryer is a shared fryer since so many of the menu items designated GF were battered, and our server told us gluten particulates in a shared fryer aren't harmful to someone with Celiac. We obviously passed on the fried stuff for the Celiac kid, and he and the soy-free kid and I all had moo goo chicken. The manager on duty or owner, not sure who he was, stopped by our table to let us know what kind of soy sauce was used in the fried rice and assured us it was GF, and also gave the kids DumDums instead of fortune cookies. All in all it wasn't bad, but the overconfidence in the fryer situation gives us pause about their knowledge of cross contamination. Our third kid, no food restrictions, had the battered salmon (which was fried right with his gluten wontons) and he absolutely loved his meal. Husband has no food restrictions and got the General Tsoa's chicken and says he was very happy with it.

Updated 2 months ago