La Bella Napoli Pizzeria

Review by Mandy

6599 S Las Vegas Blvd #210, Las Vegas, NV 89119
2 years ago

This place is NOT Celiac safe, at least as far as the pizza is concerned. While the manager/wait staff made made every effort to make sure we knew they had a separate area for prepping the GF pizza and a separate paddle for removing it from the oven, it goes into the same exact oven in the same exact spot as the pizza containing wheat. Gluten does not 'cook off' of surfaces. Why bother cleaning everything, using a different prep area and washing hands and utensils if you are going to throw it right into a vat of baked gluten? I asked if they could at least put parchment paper down-nope. Cross contamination possibility is high so instead of pizza, my Celiac 'chose' to have pasta. They did boil new water and her tomato sauce was good. She said it was very good, both in taste and texture and she felt fine afterwards, perhaps full because even from a kids meal, it was a huge portion. I appreciate the efforts made with the pizza, but it's all for nothing if it gets cooked in an oven full of flour.