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For my father-in-law's upcoming memorial service in Chicago, IL: Me to an Assistant Manager in food service at the Lake Shore County Club: I'd like to take my own food. Assistant Manager: You can take your food but we'd have to plate it or you can have us prepare you something. Me: I really don't like either option. For a celiac with food anxiety (totally normal, by the way), I know that the moment my food, which had been 100% safe, goes into your kitchen, which is not dedicated gluten-free, it will more than likely be cross-contaminated. That negates the point of my making and taking my own food.

Therefore, since I'm coming from out of town and it's more trouble for me to bring my food and then send it to be plated, I guess you get the honor of preparing something. I have the following questions:

What food options are available? What ingredients will be in the food?

Do you have ServeSafe certification?

Can gloves be changed?

Can the food be prepared in a separate environment away from where gluten items are prepared?

If fried foods are provided, will there be a dedicated fryer?

Assistant Manager: I'm looping in the Executive Chef ---- -----------. He who can go over your concerns.

I'm confident that we can accommodate you either way.

I'm looking forward to assisting you with this and please know that we are very sympathetic to your concerns and dietary restrictions.

Me: [Quietly screaming to myself: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I seriously have to go through this conversation with a second person. It's not like I have a choice of this facility like I normally do when I eat out. (We have an app that I use www.findmeglutenfree, which has been very helpful to me in locating appropriate places that others with celiac have liked.) Someone else in the family decided they would have it where they always have their events. They made NO accommodation to look for a place that might be celiac friendly. I'm literally stuck with this place.] Update: A second manager from the Lake Shore Country Club not the Executive Chef, sends me an email not answering any of my questions, just telling me in a condescending tone that they handle this all the time and I can bring my own food. (So I guess I'm to trust them as they know what they are doing. If that was truly the case, the first manager wouldn't have suggested that I bring my food and send it to their kitchen to be re-plated!)

A second person from the facility (not the chef I was promised) contacted me, not answering any of my reasonable questions about what would be prepared or what was being prepared as a gluten-free option. The email was dripping with condescension. They say they handle this all the time. (Then tell me Sherlock, why do I have to speak to THREE people at the facility? This is literally for one meal for one person.)Second update: There are now 21 threads in the email where I'm trying to get some accommodation for celiac disease to have ONE MEAL in the Lake Shore Country Club. The first manager chimed in with another suggestion. I still haven't been able to speak to the Executive Chef or get ANY of my questions answered. The managers I spoke to are Deidre Keary-Taylor, Assistant General Manager and Megan Mombela, Director of Events. I would ask that no one reading this post should patronize the Lake Shore Country Club (


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This establishment is NOT a dedicated gluten-free facility and may not be safe for those with celiac disease. Please contact the establishment directly to inquire about safety precautions.

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