Review of Lamppost Pizza

4230 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604

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My daughter and I have celiac disease. While I realize there is the risk of an accidental glutening anytime we eat at a restaurant that is not gluten-free, I think it's worth the risk if I'm comfortable with how the location handles cross contamination. So, I always politely ask my questions about prep and ingredients and then tip well. When I called, the person I spoke with (sounded like the owner) was very resistant to answering my questions. He was defensive, said I shouldn't eat his pizza since I was "more worried than most". I actually have no problem w a restaurant telling me their location is not celiac-safe; it shows concern for the health of their customers. In this case, the sad part was the little I got out of him sounded safe, but he would not answer all the questions. My non-celiac son and husband are going for a little league party, my daughter and I will have girl time elsewhere.

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Updated 7 years ago