Legal Sea Foods

Review by Kevin @meandgfree

2401 South Smith Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22202
4 months ago

Years ago when fried foods actually had a place in my diet, I had visited other Legal Sea Foods locations and had an okay experience from what I can remember. As a way to close out my wonderful trip to DC, I said “hey, you haven’t had fried fish in about 2 years, why not?” Find me gluten free showed positive notes from other travelers, so I made the decision to try. I ordered the Fish & Chips that came with a side of slaw and house made tartar sauce that they say is GF. I mentioned I had celiac/an allergy and was assured they knew how to handle GF. A manager even brought out the food and confirmed it was prepared GF. I didn’t have any NIMA capsules left, but I proceeded anyway. The food tasted great!...But within an hour of finishing the meal I was keeled over in pain for the duration of my following 2 hour flight. This was without a doubt a glutening. While I don’t doubt they’ve taken great care in preparing GF fried seafood and meals on other occasions, that wasn’t the case today. I suspect that the tartar sauce or slaw is not GF. Lesson learned.