Review of Light The Lamp Brewery

2 S Lake St, Grayslake, IL 60030

Overall Rating


Food was okay and server was nice so one star. But what was pretty bad was the fact that they had a pretty decent sized GF menus on their regular menu. The server really wasn’t sure of gluten and that’s fine, she had to ask the cook. What was worrisome was when I asked if the fries are gf, do they share the same drier as everything? she responded with “no they share a fried with everything”. Okay that’s fine, I won’t get fries or anything fried. But I was reading the menu and they had friend spam fries, which goes in the fryer and it said GF directly on it! I asked her well does this have its own fryer or is this some sort of error? She went back really fast to ask and comes to tell me it’s an error on the menu! Are you serious!? How many people have not noticed that and just ordered the spam fries and received an allergy because they couldn’t print the menus correctly. For someone who has serious allergies I’m glad I caught that. Food is mediocre to be spending that much on it let alone risking for an allergy. Hopefully they changed the menus, maybe not. They didn’t seem so concerned or apologetic. I won’t be coming back due to the negligence, I even took a photo of what their menu said was “gf”. A simple error which can end up not so fun for many other people.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 10 months ago

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