Review of Mabel's BBQ

2050 E 4th St, Cleveland, OH 44115

Overall Rating


5 stars for the Lean beef brisket. So delicious. I tweeted Michael Symon and he graciously tweeted back and said much of the menu is gluten free. He also said the BBQ sauce is GF. I only gave it three stars bc I like to see for myself the labeling on the menu instead of trusting someone and getting sick. If they made the menu celiac friendly with appropriate labeling this place would get 5 stars. My server didn't seem to care bc they brought my meal out with bread on my plate. I had a friend take the bread off and I ate my brisket after making sure there were no bread crumbs on it. Great place but it would be stellar if there was appropriate care by the server and GF labeling on the menu.

Updated 4 years ago