Review by Sarah

1201 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2818
Not celiac
5 months ago
Not celiac friendly

I’ve been here twice now. The food is great.. but the last time, when I was almost done eating, I found a piece of fettuccini in my dish. I asked if they have any pasta other than penne that is gluten free (since most places don’t) and the waitress confirmed they do not. I pointed out the piece of fettuccini and said “so this is not gluten free?” and she said no it’s not and apologized several times. I told her I’m not celiac so cross contamination won’t hurt me but it’d be much different if it happened to someone who was. She offered to remake the dish but I declined since I was practically done anyway but asked that she please address it with the staff. The manager came out seconds later and apologized repeatedly. He said he was extremely embarrassed and he had already ripped the cooks a new one. He said they pride themselves on accommodating food allergies so he was very angry that it happened. He removed the dish from the bill, comped two desserts my friend and I ordered, as well as an extra side my friend had. His response left me confident it’s not a common occurrence and it was/would be appropriately handled. I would be hesitant to go back if I were celiac, but since I’m only gluten sensitive, I will return. I wanted to share my experience though for those with celiac since this could be a major issue for them.