Review of Mapo Restaurant

1563 Naperville Wheaton Rd, Naperville, IL 60563

Overall Rating


I was very excited to find a Chinese restaurant that has a gluten free option. On their app they have a gluten free option for everything. When I went to the restaurant they really had no understanding of what gluten free is and simply substitute tamari for soy sauce. They had gf option listed for noodle dishes and crab Rangoon which I was very excited about but when I asked what they use, they had no substitution. There are several dishes they make naturally gluten free by using tamari to make the sauce so this would be good for someone who is gluten free by choice or mildly intolerant. As a celiac I didn’t feel safe eating anything. My husband who is not gluten free did enjoy the food but neither of us felt comfortable for me to eat there.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 1 year ago