Review of Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

211 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



I'll give an extra star because I've spent some time drinking margaritas here over the years and enjoyed the food prior to being diagnosed. I met a friend here recently who ordered the wings app. Since the menu has no indication of what might be GF, I asked the bartender if he knew if the wings were fried (they had grill marks, but were fried first) and if they shared a fryer with breaded items. He said, well they share the fryer with the chips, so they would be contaminated. Hmmm, corn chips are the source of contamination? I just passed on having a bite. Nobody mentioned that GF chips were an option. I'll just drink here in the future and go to Amuleto for good Mexican food.

Updated 1 year ago