Review of Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

77-81 Main St, Keene, NH 03431

Overall Rating


Had a tasty meal with my vegetarian wife, picky toddler, and in-laws here tonight. After asking and having the server double check I ordered the original fish tacos, baked instead of fried, since the breading is just corn. Initially the kitchen accidentally sent out the wrong ones, but Cole, the kitchen manager, caught the error and booked it out and caught me before I'd taken a bite, and then came back with the right plate. (Note, I do mean I'm assuming he booked it, as he caught me in between squeezing on some like juice and picking up a taco for a bite. Good timing!) Would definitely feel ok going here again, but would double check a bit more carefully, in case the kitchen manager isn't there to catch mistakes. Yay for good food and no night of cramps and toilet time!

Updated 1 year ago