Review of Maywood Pancake House

92 West Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607

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I hold a very high standard for gluten free breakfasts because at home we make gluten free versions of pancakes and waffles better then any pancake house in NJ glutenfree or gluten. It blows me away how bad some places gluten free versions of breakfast are. So we sat down at the Maywood pancake house and once we looked at the menu we felt we were here before. Then we realized this is a chain that is also located in Rutherford and Morristown but they use the city to make a different name on the business. There gluten free versions of pancakes , bread, and waffles are a lazy attempt. For some reason they decided to make them vegan as well which only makes them dry and unenjoyable. Glutenfree does not have to be vegan. Trade Joes has better gluten free bread now. And bisquick GF tastes way better then this chains pancakes. I do not recommend this chain of pancake houses if you want to enjoy your food. if you are starving and have no other options then this works. Also money is not an issue for me when it comes to breakfast but I should mention this place is not cheap if money is a concern. They need to completely re due their GF menu .

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Updated 4 years ago

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