Review of Mellow Mushroom

410 Blackwell St., Suite 100, Durham, NC, 27701

Overall Rating


I am very sad to report that this restaurant is unsafe. For almost a year now, this location has been my go to for gluten-free pizza. However, I am sad to report that last night I was made very sick by this restaurant. I called in a takeout order for a gluten-free Kosmic Karma pizza with extra cheese and bacon, just as I usually do. I also stressed and repeated in my call that this was a gluten allergy and not a preference and to make the kitchen aware of this fact. However, here I am woefully sick after eating this pizza. Not only that when I called to make the restaurant aware of what happened I didn’t even get an apology. I saw no signs that they even cared in the slightest that they had made me sick.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 7 months ago