Review of Mellow Mushroom

50 Broadway Ave, Asheville, NC, 28801

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My celiac reactions are really severe, so I usually steer clear of restaurants that aren’t 95%-100% gluten free. The risk is just not worth it. But I read a lot of reviews here, especially noting that this place had a whole dedicated gf pizza oven; eventually my longing for pizza won and I nervously gave this place a try. I stressed hard to our waitress about the severity of my celiac symptoms, and she was totally prepared. She told me to steer clear of anything not marked with the gf symbol on the menu, because the items with the gf symbol were always prepped in the dedicated gf area. One time I really wanted to deviate for some fresh basil (not marked gf), and she went back and had the kitchen prep me some in the gf area. I have eaten here about ten times now and I haven’t been glutened once. Everyone is careful. Pizza is back on the menu for me and I am so grateful that Mellow Mushroom goes to such lengths to keep things safe.

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Updated 7 months ago