Review of Melt Bar & Grilled

3921 Medina Rd, Akron, OH 44333

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While it’s great that they offer gluten free bread and all, I had an awful experience here. When informing the waitress of my gluten allergy she asks me if I only have an allergy Or if I’m actually celiac, as they “really only take those precautions for those with celiac” because apparently unless you have that you deserve to feel sick. I then asked her if they had some sort of gluten free menu or allergen guide. She tells me that they do not, that they have gluten free bread, and that I should “be able to tell what is gluten free by reading the description on the menu.” While I could obviously guess that the Mac and cheese grilled sandwich would not be gluten free with just a change of bread, that did not mean that I would know if anything else on their menu was actually gluten free. I was so upset and frustrated to find something to eat I just decided to leave, but not without her coming up again and saying “awww, could you not find anything to eat??” Yeah.. with no help from you.

Updated 3 years ago

Not celiac