Review of Miguel's Cocina

2444 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

Overall Rating


Fantastic service before we even sat down. I requested the gluten-free menu, and when the hostess seated us, she let our waiter know, so he immediately came over to discuss recommendations from the gf menu. He also told me I could have the chips and regular salsa, but to stay away from the cheese dip. My husband isn't GF, so he asked for both to try. When they were brought out while the waiter was at our table taking our order, he again said "please don't eat the cheese dip, I would hate for you to get sick." I ordered the portabello fajitas with corn tortillas and they were outstanding. I had so much food that I didn't touch the chips/salsa, but they looked very tasty. I felt very safe eating there, and would eat there again for sure.

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Updated 5 years ago