Review by Roman

1714 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235
1 year ago


Celiac friendly?



Staff was very rude and not accommodating to people with gluten allergies. Staff was also untrained in what ingredients the food contains. Ordered a few items to go earlier today and asked the hostess about gluten free options. Her response was “nothing is gluten free here. If you want gluten free, go somewhere else”. Considering this place serves sashimi, that’s complete BS so I called her out on it, to which she responded with “yeah” (kind of like a child who was caught lying that doesn’t have much else to say).Anyway, I put in an order and was told by the hostess that the clear soup was gluten free. When I came back 10 minutes later to pick up, I was told that the soup was actually not gluten free, and that considering they couldn’t ask me about it as I left for a few, they charged me anyway for the soup and wouldn’t refund it. The staff members we spoke with were extremely rude and made it seem as though dining with them was a privilege. Considering all the options available in the area, I will never come back to this establishment, and I will recommend that my friends and family also stay away.