Review of Moe's Southwest Grill

68 Washington St, Attleboro, MA 02703

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Yikes. Moe's opened this weekend. The loud and frantic nature of the place surely doesn't help with feeling reassured that your message that you need to eat gluten free is being heard. But even once you're pretty sure that it is heard and decide to go ahead with ordering...there are problems. Basically anyone with Celiac's definitely shouldn't eat here. The shredded cheese is all in one container that hands that have touched many burrittos and flour shell things have also touched... While they say that there are no concerns about cross-contamination "because they use a spoon for everything".....we watched the spoon touch down onto the surface of the bed of food that was being laid down many times, so clearly it was quite certain it had also touched surfaces of burritos / flour shells before... As I say in every review that says basically "don't lie to me about being able to serve people with Celiacs.... they don't HAVE to offer gluten free food.... but if you say that you can indeed serve food gluten free and without cross contamination.............please deliver. Instead, in the future, if you can't deliver...just don't say it. We bought food and paid for it anyway, and then went somewhere else to eat... because it was so embarrassing to have checked to make sure the food was gluten (and cross-contamination) free... had them say yes and make a big show of changing gloves and separating the container they put the food in...and then proceed to watch them engage in many cross-contamination landmines in a row, completely shattering any confidence we had.

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