Mr. Crepe

Review by Allison

51 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144
2 years ago
Not celiac friendly

I was really excited to try out Mr. Crepe. I ordered a strawberry and Nutella crepe, and the cashier asked me if it was a gluten allergy. I saw "change gloves/clean utensils" on my receipt, which made me feel comfortable eating there. However, I was seated in front of the people making crepes and noticed that they were dipping the same utensil into the Nutella jar for regular crepes. I asked the front staff if it would be okay for the cooks to use a new jar and spatula. I don't think the cooks realized I was sitting within earshot, but they seemed to think that my request was stupid. I understand that having to do some extra work might get annoying, but their reaction was unprofessional and I don't think they take Celiac seriously.