Review by Cassie

5584 Vedder Rd #200, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5P4, Canada
10 months ago
Celiac friendly

I went to every Noodlebox in Victoria, BC (where it was started) and when I moved to Surrey,they had just opened one there and we were so happy because we missed it. Then we moved to Chilliwack and one opened in Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Couldn’t be happier. Noodlebox is completely customizable when it comes to your order. They’ve got a menu of obviously premade options, but you pick the protein (optional) and spice level to go with the type you picked, but you can pick what type of noodles, or gluten free rice ones, or rice, or “no carb box” with just veggies and meat, etc. If you are a Celiac like me. Most of the flavours are gluten free, except teriyaki. As well, it is lactose free or you can have it dairy free. Just ask which ones those are – but I think they make them with coconut milk anyways. We are both lactose intolerant as well. We also have them take out onions and garlic because those cause us issues too. They can also make it vegetarian, or completely vegan if that’s your thing. They have dedicated spaces and tools and the portions, whether for sit in or takeout (you can call in an order) are absolutely huge with the average box being $10-$14ish. We like the spicy peanut box, gluten free with no onion or garlic, and for 2 boxes, tax, and a 20% tip because we love them, our total comes to $33 for 2 boxes. We need takeout with 3 kids to have a pseudo date in the car.. haha.. and that’s pretty hard to do gluten free, lactose free etc.. BTW, there’s a cheaper kids menu too, drinks, and desserts as well. So happy they came to town right after we did. :)