Review by Larry

1993 N State St, Greenfield, IN 46140
2 years ago
Not celiac friendly

I struggle with what rating to give. There were both some positives and some negatives. Here is my story. I was on a motorcycle and a storm had just passed. There was deep standing water on the highway and I needed gas. My plan was to eat at a resturant in Indianapolis I had researched, but thought this would be a good time to allow the highway to dry off some. While fueling up, I checked my FindMeGlutenFree app and found O'Charlies had no reviews, but did have an allergen menu. In addition to Celiac, I have egg and dairy allergies. I ask for the allergen menu as I was being seated. The menu was a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy and the type was about the size of a phone book. I couldn't read it. I think if the print was larger or not a blurry copies, I would have been fine. So, I asked the waitress for help. She didn't know what Celiac was or gluten, and even her 20-year old eyes were having problems with the menu, plus it didn't make sense how it was organized. At this point, I am just about ready to find someplace else, but she called the manager over, Donny Rathbone. He also couldn't decipher the menu, but asked my needs and helped me with the menu. He made multiple trips to the kitchen to check with the chef and read ingredients. I decided on the planked salmon with vegetables and bar chips. I asked if the chips were fried in a dedicated gluten free fryer, and he said, unfortunately, no they were not. But, he said, if that is what you want, I will cook them myself in a frying pan with new oil. I asked if the vegetables were sauteed in butter. Again, he went to ask. He came back and said I was in luck, that they don't actually use any real butter in the store, only a buttery tasting soy oil that contains no dairy. My order came out, the manager made the comment that he cooked most of it himself and that he wanted to make sure that it just didn't agree with me, but also tasted wonderful. It really was pretty good, although I was not thrilled in the amount of soy they use. Anyway, had a great dinner and the roads were reasonable dry and I headed back off on my bike. Cons: The allergen menu was both unreadable and confusing. Not all the staff has been trained in food allergies (but to her credit, she knew it was a big deal and handed me off to the manager). I am concerned that a better restaurant like O'Charlies doesn't use real food ingredients. Pros: The manager took care of me and the food I ordered was delicious. So, I probably won't seek our an O'Charlies and a gluten-free safe destination, but if I happen to find myself in Greenfield, Indiana again and Donny is working, this is a viable option.