Review by Annette

65 Highlands Square Dr, Hendersonville, NC 28792
1 year ago
Not celiac friendly

What a horrible experience. I was in town visiting relatives. I asked for gluten free menu. The manager brought a notebook which he just showed me, then proceeded to tell me that the best option was for me to order a California Chicken Salad. He assured me it would be made in a separate area with all precautions being taken to make sure my meal was safe. (I'm sure there were other options but I never was able to hold the notebook.). I decided that if that was the item recommended, I would take his advice. My family ordered from the regular menu. I specifically asked the waiter to bring mine out separately to reduce more risk of cross contamination. Well.... just before the food was brought to our table, our waiter told us that he had been taken off the floor and a waitress would be taking our table. I again asked him to make sure mine was brought separately and he assured me it was being taken care of by the new waitress. However, my family watched as the food was being brought out and mine was not in the tray but being brought out with the other meals. But the former waiter caught her, took my meal and took it back in the kitchen and waited 2 minutes then brought it out. When I was told this, I called him back over and asked and he said that it was not supposed to be picked up by her. He again said it was safe. I prayed over my food with every bite. Then things got worse, the waitress came over to see if we needed water or anything, not noticing that one person has a totally empty glass! Wanted to know how the checks were to be split. We told her but also told her that the others had ordered a meal that came with pie. She was gone for 15-20 minutes. After that long, I went looking for the manager and had to ask for him to be sent to our table. He came over and I explained what all had happened and he said that the waiter was still assigned to our table but he would see about getting the pies to go because we needed to go now. Guess what, they were now out of pie!! He told us that he would take care of the bill and apologized for our experience. Not recommended, never again!!!