Old School Bagel Cafe

775 W Covell Rd, Edmond, OK 73003 Directions

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Not celiac
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Great place. They have gluten free bagels so you can get whatever sandwich you want or make your own. They are Udi’s brand and they will heat them up for you as well as the meat and cheese. They will ask you if you’re celiac and make sure to avoid cross-contamination if you say yes.

Gluten Free Features

  • Bagels
  • Sandwiches


  • Cafe
  • Lunch


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Reviews of this Chain

7 months ago

i’ve been there twice. first time they were out of gf bread. second time they only had gf rye bread. 😕 2 stars only cuz the employees were nice and sorry.

Not celiac
2 years ago

I am in love with old school bagel!!! They have a gluten free bagel. I literally eat here 2 or 3 times a week! They always ask if I am true celiac and change gloves and work from a clean surface!!! At this point they know me and don't even have to ask! Very good customer service!!!

3 years ago

I eat here about once a week. They carry the Udi's gluten free bagels and ALWAYS ask me if it's an allergy or not. If you say yes, they will change gloves and prepare your sandwich in a separate area with a different cutting board and utensils. Nice option to have for a breakfast sandwich or sandwich at lunch.

3 years ago

Has gluten free bagels as an option for those with an allergy. You just have to ask!

3 years ago

They carry Udi's brand gluten free bagels and are willing to make accommodations with separate cutting boards and what not to avoid cross contamination if you ask. Toaster is a no-go because it toasts the regular bagels and I suggest asking them to heat the gf up because they're refrigerated.

Not celiac
4 years ago

I ate here several times a week before having to stop eating gluten. Was really disappointed when I realized I couldn't eat bagels anymore. They do have three gf options - plain, multi grain, and cinnamon raisin. Not the same as a gluten bagel but the sandwich was still good.

6 years ago

They have two options of gluten free bagels! Great sandwiches.

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