Review by Kari

75 Washington Street, Hanover, MA 02359
2 years ago


I was here at 4:00pm on a Sunday and my party was told that they do not sell food other than pizza and salads before 5:00pm. (I don't know if this is a daily rule, or just on Sundays, but this information was not indicated on their website.) When I mentioned that I had celiac disease and asked if they had GF pizza, our waitress checked with the kitchen and said they offer it but were "not prepared for that." The salad I ate was delicious- I got the garden salad without bleu cheese (the kitchen removed the candied walnuts due to gluten risk)- but it was not meal-sized and I was hungry when I left. This place seems to be safe, but I'll have to go again when I can get an actual meal in order to properly assess their GF offerings.