Outback Steakhouse

Review by Marc

3700 S. US Highway 41, Terre Haute, IN 47802
1 month ago
Not celiac friendly

I had to order delivery because I was worn out from riding from Erie, PA. The woman who took my order understood I have a gluten allergy-Celiac. When my order was delivered to the hotel there was bread wrapped in foil with the dressings for my potatoe. Unbelievable I have this to say. If Outback Steakhouse is going into business selling fat and grisle and ligaments as ribeye steak then I will not give you my money again. Or maybe because it was a delivery piece of meat/ligament/grisle the cook felt it acceptable. I ordered a medium cooked steak. See photos. See photos. Unacceptable to do this on a delivery. I don't know if I should eat the salad.