Outback Steakhouse

Review by glutenfreeceliac

3100 W. Tilghman St., Allentown, PA 18104
1 month ago
Celiac friendly

UPDATE: NOT celiac friendly. This was one of a few places in the LV I would eat but they are disorganized. They do not have fries on the GF menu but said the fryer is dedicated GF. A manager confirmed...so I had been ordering them and wondered what was making me sick. Suddenly they told me they were NOT gluten free and bad things were happening in the kitchen so they were transitioning to a new kitchen manager... fast-forward and I decided to give it another try 1+ months later. They gave me a salad that had cheese picked off with residual cheese and a few small pieces left (I also can't eat dairy), but it was obvious they weren't following proper procedures for gf with fresh ingredients, changing gloves, etc. I did make a big deal about having celiac. AFTER that I alerted the manager and said my entree NEEDS to be made carefully and properly. When it was delivered the broccoli had butter all over it. The manager then made my broccoli again herself. After all this they didn't comp ANYTHING from the bill. They made me sick, I paid them $80. They are too sloppy in the kitchen, not checking themselves, getting people sick. Stay away if you have celiac and other allergies/intolerances!!