Review of PARKS-Art

Griesgasse 7, 8020 Graz, Austria

Overall Rating


Gluten free treats not actually gluten free. Unfortunately, the buckwheat flour used in the sweet treats “may contain traces of gluten” as I got to know when talking to the manager. Better to ask staff about the ingredients before ordering. Also, as kitchen space is limited, although they do their best to separate gluten-containing from gluten free ingredients while cooking, they are not a fully gluten-free establishment and therefore CC cannot be ruled out (hence -2 stars). (I did not have any negative experience so far, but as I cannot judge for severe allergy sufferers, I will label it “not sure”).Besides that, their savory dishes are absolutely delicious. At lunch one can choose out of two “lunch-offers”, where one dish is always vegan and (most of the times) gluten free as well. Allergens are not listed on the menu, so better to ask a member of staff about it. So far, I’ve always had a satisfying, well-balanced and well-seasoned dish, portion sizes are very generous and definitely worth the money. At lunch, a side salad and dessert are included in the price (again: ask about ingredients for the dessert as sometimes it is not gf). They also offer dishes a la carte as well as breakfast and (on weekends only) a brunch buffet.At brunch one can find several spreads (vegan & vegetarian), cold cuts, cheese, fish, warm dishes (vegetarian or vegan), and bread (including a gluten free vegan option) as well as muesli, yogurts and sweet treats (cake & fruit).Staff is dedicated, the facilities are always clean and tidy and the interior nicely decorated, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Updated 1 year ago