Review of Persian House Restaurant

1026 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205

Overall Rating


The Persian House is one of Portland's best kept secret. And here's why...

Atmosphere 5/5: Newly remodeled... Thank God! The restaurant has a nice and classy atmosphere. This is the perfect spot to bring your date or lover to enjoy some fantastic Mediterranean cuisine. Food 5/5: The food is very nicely presented to you and the great thing about this place is that you can taste the freshness of the product. Also, 95% of their menu is gluten-free! The Kababs are the most traditional dish on the menu but the most interesting dish is the Fessenjan. Fessenjan is a pomegranate and crushed walnuts sauce accompanied with a marinated breast of chicken or a salmon. For appetizer, we tried the Hummus and the Nazkhatun which were exquisite. Service 4/5: Service can be slow sometimes, I agree but don't go there if you expect to seat, eat and pay in 30 minutes. Not gonna happen! If the restaurant is busy, wait time can be a negative factor but just order an appetizer and you should be fine until the main course arrives.

Definitely a place to go to when you want to enjoy a nice and romantic dinner. Cons: You might have to wait a little but it's worth every seconds... I promise!

Updated 7 years ago