P.F. Chang's

Review by JCallen

1716 International Drive, McLean, VA 22102
1 month ago
Celiac friendly

I’ve eaten here 4 times in the past year and have had good experiences each time with knowledgeable servers. I am a sensitive celiac so I worry about cross contamination, especially at chain restaurants, but after ordering from their separate gf menu, which is somewhat limited since I can’t eat spicy foods, I’ve never been sick. The food is served on separately styled plates so it’s easy to see which ones are gf when eating “family style” and sharing dishes. I’m not sure how safe their hot tea is but I didn’t order it after being told that they weren’t sure if the tea was gf ( many teas at restaurants serving Asian food apparently have added barley.) All in all I’ve had very good experiences here, have ordered several dishes, found knowledgeable staff and would highly recommend this restaurant.